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Big Kayfun Lite Plus Clone by Tobeco (28.5mm)

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Product Description


Here is the popular Kayfun now in a larger form! 28.5mm diameter to fit your 26650 sized mods. It also has airflow control on the bottom of the Kayfun Lite. The liquid capacity will be about 8-8.5ml.


1x Big Kayfun Lite Plus (28.5mm)

1x Bag of Wick, Wire, O-Rings, and Screws.

Product Reviews

  1. surprisingly high quality.

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2015

    i am a huge kayfun fan and do modifications to them so they fit my vaping style.
    machining, fit and finish are great. some of the best work i have ever seen come out of tobeco.
    was really clean but still got an quick alcohol then detergent scrub like every atty i buy.
    only two small issues i found;
    small burr where the centerpin insulator fits into the 510 that was easily fixed with a small rat tail file.
    1 chewed up o-ring but there are spares which were fine.
    was still able to get a nice warm vape despite the long size of the chimney.
    love the flavor and large capacity so much i bought 3 more.
    if you want the pmma / polycarbonate tank section that is sold separate for $6

  2. Average product

    Posted by Nathan on 24th Aug 2014

    Pros :
    Great clouds and flavor.
    Not too heavy.
    Fair price.

    Cons :
    Prone to leaks
    Can get stuck in your mod. My is still stuck! I can't switch mods. Not sure if I got a defective one.

    Conclusion : I will not recommend this product to newbies for now. Maybe subsequent kayfuns will be better, but it's still an average product for now.

  3. OK the LEAKS are GONE

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Aug 2014

    I want to amend my comment before (LEAKS) I finally figured out what was wrong. its doing great w/ my Hades now.

  4. Juice for DAYS!!!

    Posted by Marcus on 2nd Aug 2014

    This thing is awesome. Find your favorite ADV vape, load it up, and forget about it! I had a problem with it leaking one time with 50/50 juice but who knows, I could have jacked it up. Put 70/30 in there and it's a dream! Typical airflow from a Kayfun Lite so if you like the standard 22mm one and are looking for a tank for your 26650, look no further. The machining is beautiful and it especially looks awesome with the tall frosted tank section from 101vape ;-) Excellent purchase and would highly recommend!

  5. kayfun

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jul 2014

    great , could use better airflow but works great , and the amount of juice it holds lasts for days, i like the lighter colored juices ,,they dont seem to gum up you coil as fast as some , with this amount of juice your coil has to last the whole tank full.and thats a while

  6. Really great tank

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jul 2014

    I was kind of blown away by how great this thing is. I have two of them. Don't think that because it's so big, the flavor will be diminished. The chimney section is still the same size so you get that big flavor but with a huge eliquid capacity. I like to NOT worry about vaping. I've been vaping for five years and have been through EVERY single phase of new inventions and items. When I started there weren't even cartomizers or ego batteries. After all this time I just want no fuss vaping. I just want long battery life a big juice capacity. Something I only have to deal with once a day. This is just perfect. I fill it in the morning and I'm good to go all day, no matter if I go out or I'm just around the house. I don't have to worry about refilling or how much I have in the tank. I know I have enough. Keep in mind this thing is BIG and HEAVY! I don't care at all because it's made so well. Threads are good. Never had a leak out of either of the two I have and the flavor is awesome. My only complaint about this device might be how tiny the screw heads are and how short the screws are in height. I wish they were just a little longer or had bigger heads on them. They are TINY… like screws the size of the ones in the hinge on a pair of glasses but about half the height. That really can be said for a lot of rebuildables though and that wouldn't be a reason not to get this. They work perfectly fine and just like the screws in a regular kayfun. I love this tank. I'm getting more. I also have the fogger v4 big as well but prefer the kayfun big. The draw is better and it feels much more solid to me.

  7. The Kayfun & Russian's "BIG ASS BROTHER"

    Posted by Randy Wells on 29th Jun 2014

    I can actual drop my Russian 91% right through the center of this monster. It vapes a lot better than my Russian 91%. Great flavor & vapor. I also ordered the 28.5 m-tank $5.99 [clear center part].Which is a must for this tank. So you don't over fill it & have problems with leaking. This is defiantly worth the money. The only other tank that comes close is The Russian Big. Good luck finding one & if you do they are about $130 US.

  8. The Kayfun Ive needed for so long

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2014

    This thing holds almost a full 15ml bottle wow! It does get leaky from time to time a bit more so than the Kayfun Lite. Came pretty clean out of the box overall solid.

  9. leaky but beastly

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2014

    This tank is amazing but for some reason, it leaks for a little out of the air hole after I fill it. Once that goes away though, it hits like it looks.....LIKE A BEAST!!!!


    Posted by Julian on 10th Jun 2014

    OK... so in case you didn't get it by the headline... this sucker is B-I-G!!! You can hurt somebody with this. I am no longer afraid to walk down dark alleys with my BIG Kayfun LITE Plus on my 26650 Tesla M7. But truthfully, if you like Kayfuns, which I do... I have 4 and 2 Russians, you will love this one. It holds 11mils of juice which should hold you for awhile. And the build is very similar... so all in all, it's great! Did I mention it's BIG :)

  11. A happy accident

    Posted by Kevdroid on 3rd Jun 2014

    Not only did I not intend to review this metal monolith, I didn't even intend to order it. I ordered a Rose Kayfun clone, and received this titanic structure in the mail a few days later (lighting quick shipping as always). I shot Eciggity an email explaining the mistake and began mentally preparing for the taxing process of waiting days for emails, having to pay to ship this giant bastard back to Hawaii, etc, etc. I was shocked when I got an email not only that same day, but within a few hours, apologizing for the error and letting me know that my Rose Kayfun was in the mail and I could hold on to the metallic monster that was causing all of my other atties to leak juice out their airholes in terror. Rather than trying to make a quick buck off this sonofabitch by passing it off as alien technology I called up my buddy who was lucky enough to be "the only dude I know with a Hades". We wicked this fucker up, threw it on top, and it is just magical. Its literally not any different from a normal Kayfun in any aspect except for the unfortunate case of gigantism, it looks stunning on the Hades and absolutely ridiculous on anything smaller. But performance wise, this obnoxious obelisk is a Kayfun, straight up. Thats pretty much all that can be said about this magnificent menhir, I figured the least I could do for Eciggity after they stuck me with this stainless stalactite was force them to read my ramblings about it. Lucky day for my friend though, he gets to rock that "Space Needle clone" look everywhere now.

    In all seriousness, this is a great product, and Eciggity has great service.

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