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Kayfun Lite Plus v1 by EHPRO (Larger Airflow Hole)

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Product Description


We asked the manufacturer for a larger airflow hole and they made it especially for us! The new airflow airhole size is about 2mm. Everything else is the same. If you want a easier draw, you can't go wrong with a Kayfun Lite Plus by EHPRO!


1x Kayfun Lite Plus Clone

1x Stainless Steel Tank Section

1x Short M Tank

1x M Tank

1x Screw Driver

1x Bag with Extra O-Rings & Screws

Product Reviews

  1. My first Kayfun Style

    Posted by Vape Journey on 5th Aug 2014

    The fact that it is my "first" attests to my satisfaction. The draw is nice, never floods or leaks. The finish is superb and pleasant to hold and put to the lips. The drip tip can be made to wobble a bit but that is inconsequential. The vapor is great and satisfying and I am still on my first build at about 4 tankfulls so far. I followed one of the many tutorials on Youtube and made a 28 gauge 1.7 ohm coil, right off the bat, wicked it with some cotton (nothing special), and like it at about 3.6 volts or 7.9 watts using 15/85 pg/vg juice. It's heavier than a Kanger but the maintenance is about 10 percent of that needed for most of those bottom coils. No fancy claims or gimmics, just a quality product that does what it should without fail. You need to know a few Kayfun Lite tricks, like "fill it from the bottom" (duh), and "unscrew the bottom cap and use the drip tip as a funnel to empty it". Also, don't clog the channels, (I guess) and don't unscrew the air adjustment screw so far that you scratch your pretty mod. I'm tempted to try the later versions that Eciggity sells or the Dual Airflow version but, then again, why mess with success? Oh...takes me forever to use up all the juice it holds (I must have stumbled upon a really efficient build). It's a bit heavy to carry but if I was told that I could have just one vaporizer, this would be the one that I would grab.

  2. Great!

    Posted by James Hoy on 16th Jun 2014

    Looks awesome, albeit hilarious, on my Seven22. Works well, leaks a little, but that may be my build. Good flavor, nice packaging. Thanks Eciggity!

  3. all great except.

    Posted by Mason W. on 4th Jun 2014

    Tank works great bought as a gift for my boss. all was well except both plastic sections broke almost immediately ,one cracked while screwing it on and the other frosted and cracked within a minute of having a juice in there that had never cracked another track before. also airflow is excellent

  4. No leaks, great flavor, almost perfect

    Posted by clee on 25th May 2014

    If the airhole were chamfered just a little bit, and if the machining were just a little better, this would be the perfect tank. Mine came covered in machine oil which took two cleaning sessions to wash out, and there was also some shaved metal still inside the drip tip that I had to remove in order to be able to use it.

  5. best bang for your buck!

    Posted by Timothy on 15th May 2014

    This is probably the best atomizer out there for the money. What else needs to be said. Easy to setup, great quality, and the flavor is amazing!

  6. Great product for a great price.

    Posted by Scott Myers on 13th May 2014

    For the money this is one of the best RBA you can buy.

  7. Best bang for the buck

    Posted by Bubba on 12th May 2014

    First off, hats off to Eciggity's customer service and fast shipping!
    Being my first RBA, I was a little intimidated. Once I received the item, I cleaned it of course. Built it up, which was extremely easy.
    I gotta say, the flavor compared to a regular tank is much more satisfying. Mine whistles a little, but no bother. The threads are smooth. So is the draw.
    For the price, I doubt you could find a better RBA.

  8. best clone

    Posted by Anthony Euliss on 9th May 2014

    This Kayfun is amazing best clone I have ever had I have had some flooding issues, but that's probably from user error

  9. Great RB Tank

    Posted by Rill on 8th May 2014

    I ordered a Kayfun Lite Plus from Gotvape at a cheaper price and it had a side air flow ajuster (thats what sold me), and it was a poor quality clone. New customer to Eciggity and I was very satified with your product.

  10. Good clone, but has some issues

    Posted by Christian on 5th May 2014

    To start off, eciggity is a great company. Quick shipping to the west coast and a great product line available.

    I received this clone and built it like I have my other clones. Oh man, clean this baby out. Even after I disassembled the whole device, soaked it in vodka, and then cleaned it with hot water and soap, I could still taste the machine oil.

    I used the clear plastic tank and it refused to create a seal, causing nasty dry hits continually. I replaced the clear tank with the SS tank +clear window section and the dry hits went away.

    I would say even with the drilled out air-hole and the airflow out all the way the draw is still pretty tight (my 3.1 is much looser draw with no modifications).

    Over all, this was not a very impressive device, but wasn't a piece of garbage like my FT Kraken. I would buy this again if I needed another clone.

  11. Not a kayfun man

    Posted by Jeremiah Kam on 30th Apr 2014

    I don't own an original kayfun, so my opinions are based on this larger air-flow clone. When I purchased this device, I was hoping that the larger air hole would bump up the vapor production. Now, I'm not sure that this is the case. The larger air-flow hole still feeds into the hole in the side of the center pin which in turn feeds through the hollow of that pin and finally onto the deck. I found that the diameter of the holes in the center pin and through the hollow shaft are smaller than the opening for the larger air-flow hole. Thus you still have a bottleneck in the center pin preventing you from getting more air-flow. You could probably drill out the center pin to fix this problem, but you might damage the part in the process. Coming from using mostly RDAs, I wasn't satisfied with the taste or performance of the kayfun. It's definitely better than any clearomizer I've tried, but nowhere near a good dripper. The only time I would use this is while driving (don't drip and drive). Build quality was top notch, so points for that. Don't see what all the hype is. Guess I'm just not a kayfun man.

  12. Great item

    Posted by Brian on 29th Apr 2014

    This is an exceptional item and I must say I am impressed with it. My only complaint is that I read into everyone saying that flavor is amazing on these. And I must disagree, but that may be because I started dripping well before I got this item and I find so much more flavor out of drippers. However I previously had a RSST and this blows it out of the water as far flavor, ease to build and tank size.
    I love the kayfun and iI now carry it with my every where I go because it does beat out dripping while driving and with my job I do a lot of driving. When I'm not driving I still drip, but obviously when I drive I now use the kayfun.
    Very happy with my purchase.

  13. Great!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2014

    This thing is awesome! Mine has no whistle, threads are buttery smooth, didn't see any machine oil, I did clean it out though, put a 9 wrap micro coil in, the flavor and vapor are great! To be honest you lined this and an authentic up, and you'd have a hell of a time picking the differences out. Airflow is great wide open, I'd reccomend this to anyone and at this price, i don't think there's a better deal out there.

  14. my new favorite tank

    Posted by Paul L, Fort Atkinson, WI on 15th Apr 2014

    I really agonized over the variety of clones out there before being intrigued by the airhole mod for my first KF clone. WOW. Perfect AND beautiful! Reviewers don't lie about juice useage- I went through a 4.5 ml tank in about 4 hours! Plumes of vapor from 6 wraps on 2 strands of 2mm ekowool is a perfect 1.8 ohm wick. Shipping under 4 days. Thank you.

  15. this is a super great product the only flaw is the m tank i got has a crooked thread on it so the top sits at a angle but it does still seal

    Posted by jon on 15th Apr 2014

    this is a super great product the only flaw is the m tank i got has a crooked thread on it so the top sits at a angle but it does still seal

  16. Really nice quality!

    Posted by Ryan on 15th Apr 2014

    First kayfun, seems built really well. Although it does whistle because of the airhole. Easy to build and looks great on my hcigar nemy!

  17. a whole new world of flavor

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Apr 2014

    the shipping and processing of my order was top notch fast and easy this tank is amazing on top of it they included the large clear replacment tank as well as the stainless tank parts and the small clear insert only issue i have had with this is a slight whistle depending on the airflow position but thats no where near a deal breaker for me still my favorite vape to date if your a diy juice maker it may even make you adjust your recipes slightly great great buy

  18. a must!!

    Posted by nako on 6th Apr 2014

    for a clone i was impressed everything u want from a clone u get here.... now the cons are like those from clones u usually get ..and pls wash it before use it it's coated with machine oil!!

  19. It's pretty good

    Posted by Ino on 4th Apr 2014

    Machining is very well done, by far the best of the three clones I have. Half the cost and most of the quality of the original Kayfun! I'm happy with it.

  20. Better than authentic kayfun lite plus

    Posted by Dan on 3rd Apr 2014

    Great product. My russian91% and authentic kayfun lite plus have been collecting dust since I purchased the Ehpro kayfun lite plus. The quality is great. Don't let the price deceive you. Buy one now!

  21. buy it now

    Posted by justin on 2nd Apr 2014

    This thing is so awesome I suggested it to one of my oldest friends. The draw is just right. I wouldn't call it a negative but the only quirk I would say it has...... it uses a bit more juice during all day vaping than my other kfl+. I am a kayfun only guy and I went from about 4 ml a day to 6-8ml a day. Flavor and draw imo are well worth it. This is both with same wrap, wire and wick.

  22. great for ppl new to rebuilding

    Posted by seth Hennings on 2nd Apr 2014

    This is just like the real thing. For half the price. The larger airflow hole is adjustable but the screw likes to back out on its own. Great buy

  23. Ehpro Kayfun Lite Plus

    Posted by Daniel R. on 1st Apr 2014

    I own an authentic Russian91% and an authentic Kayfun Lite Plus. I purchased this Ehpro Kayfun Lite Plus because of the larger airflow hole option. The Ehpro surpasses both the Russian91% and Kayfun Lite Plus. I have been using the Ehpro for over a week now. I have used 28 gauge micro coil and cotton, even tried twisted 30 gauge I have not had any problems with my builds so far. I would recommend this product to anyone who may be unsure of making the purchase. It has surpassed my expectations. My 510 screw had plastic inside, easy to clean out with a small screwdriver. I also had a few burrs on the 510 screw holes. I purchased "diamond" Dremel bits and used them by hand twisting until I smoothed out the burrs. I also used the Dremel bit by hand on the airflow hole to cure the whistle. I purchased the bits at Walmart $6.97 for a pack of two. One bit is cone shaped and the other is round. Don't hesitate buy now you won't regret it.

  24. awesome product and even better customer service!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Mar 2014

    Ordered two of these and I was not disappointed. The larger hole makes for a much better draw! The only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is is does whistle. However I am sure there is a way to fix that and I just need to figure it out. I will definitely be buying from eciggity again. Their customer service is top notch and they stand behind their products. Not to mention I get my gear in just a few days! Thanks eciggity!!!

  25. great rta

    Posted by seabze on 21st Mar 2014

    This version of the kfl+ is a little better than others cause of the slightly bigger airhole. Sits flushed on my nemesis and ss turtle. Great but for the price works just like the original. Ecigitty was very fast on the shipping thanks!

  26. perfection

    Posted by CloudedScreen on 21st Mar 2014

    Bought the first ehpro imposter and have been enjoying it but this modded one is simply outstanding, love the air hole enlargement and the most tanks being thrown in is a really nice touch

  27. Better than any other KFL clone

    Posted by WV on 21st Mar 2014

    I have many different clones and an original KFL. This beats all of the other clones and is just barely under the original as far as vape quality goes (airflow on my OG KFL is still better even with no AFC). I highly recommend this. Wish I got 2 of these instead of the getting the "black edition".

  28. Kayfun

    Posted by Rick on 18th Mar 2014

    Without a doubt this is the best kayfun clone out there and I own four other kinds of kayfun clones

  29. Well Worth it.

    Posted by Phil on 10th Mar 2014

    Okai so I have not had this kayfun clone for more then 4 or 5 hours but by all means I am happy with it. It is doing just what a kayfun should do which is to kick butt! I have put 4 different builds into this baby and I have gotten nothing but good vapes out of it so far. I am not a major fan of the air flow being at the bottom but Its not that much of an issue which is why its still getting a 5 star from me.
    The Larger air flow hole makes this clone just so much better then it was before. I don't have the whistle that everyone keeps talking about and I think that's because of the larger air flow hole.
    Is it worth buying? HELL YES!
    Thanks again to E-ciggity for their great customer service as well. I e-mailed them about the site not saying that the SS middle section came with the clone, and to see if it did come with it. They got back to me with in a few hours and also informed me that they were updating the site that very second to make sure that it did say it was going to be sent out with the kayfun. I checked the site once I read the e-mail and sure enuff it was there. Good Job E-ciggity keep up the great customer service and You will always have a loyal customer right here!

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