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Valkyrie Hybrid Clone by EHPRO

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Product Description

The sexy Vicious Ant Valkyrie Hybrid mod has been cloned! It is very sleek, stylish, and made of A grade stainless steel. It has a adjustable airflow cap and accepts 18650 size battery. It is an all in one hybrid dripper so you can't change the top. The brass pin is reverse threaded so make sure you turn it right to loosen it. 


These Valkyrie Clones have the original finish and longer brass pins. We have also added black!


1x Valkyrie Clone by EHPRO

Mechanical mods are advanced user devices. Extra care is needed to keep them performing properly. Knowing how to set up and use your mod is very important. Cleaning the threads and contacts will help maintain optimum performance. Copper mechanical mods especially need care as copper is a soft metal. The natural patina on copper and brass mods can cause the threads to lock if not maintained.

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Valkyrie clone by EH PRO

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  1. Love it

    Posted by Alec on 2nd Nov 2014

    I purchased the Valkyrie about a month and a half ago from Eciggity and I am in love with this mod. It's my first mech-mod that i actually own and I was not at all disappointed. I originally got the Logo version in stainless and it looked fantastic, since then I have sanded it to a more polished finish but the Logos are still partly visible so there is no worries about them coming off(I've sanded it at least ten times using very gritty sandpaper so no need to worry about the quality of the logos). The curvature of this mod is what sold it for me as it looks absolutely stunning and it stood out from all the other plain straight tubes on other mods(in my own opinion). Another great feature is the fact that it is a hybrid and comes with a rebuildable atomizer right on the mod which is press fitted (so if you drop it for any reason and it becomes loose just hit it back in with a rubber mallet) although the build deck is slightly small but it is more than enough to run dual coils. Being a hybrid also cuts down on the size tremendously making it on of the smallest 18650 mods on the market. I've also dropped it countless times and it still fires up great and no dents or scrapes. I run a .3 ohm coil build in it and puts out clouds of vapor. I also have a slight problem with the button getting a bit hot but this was easily remedied by watching some fixes on youtube (search valkyrie button fix). Overall its a amazing clone that comes with a battery tube and atomizer in a very small but hard hitting package without paying $200 for a tube like the authentic.

  2. Soooo purdy.

    Posted by NA on 11th Oct 2014

    Beautiful looking mod. Overall, very pleased with the device.

    Starting from the top down...
    - MOST drip tips work on it, but not all of them. Some drip tips are too long for this. They do fit, but they choke the airflow, meaning you have to pull it out just slightly to get it to work properly.
    - Airflow control is fantastic. No complaints.
    - The vape deck is TINY, meaning some coils will be too long to fit between the coils. Nano coils on a cotton bed work fantastic. Overall, it's a good thing, as the smaller vape deck increases favor.
    - Screws on the post are just fine. They're screws. Note that this doesn't have a removable deck (à la the whole "hybrid" format), so you do need a multimeter to check coil resistances. Not really an issue: just check the resistance between the posts.
    - There's not a lot of room under the coil to hold juice (i.e. juice well is pretty shallow). Not really a problem, but something to be aware of.
    - Top cap fits on very snugly. It's a pressure fit with a couple of o-rings, and it fits decently. Only thing I'm concerned about is that the top part of the cap (the part that contains the airflow control) is getting a bit looser. Not sure if this is really a problem, as it stays down most of the time.

    (moving down....)

    - Battery vent hole is too small.
    - The battery adjustment: this is the part that really requires some getting used to. It's got a reverse threaded adjustment pin at the bottom that changes the height of the battery chamber. I've found that the best way to do this is to adjust it to make the chamber too small, screw it the battery cap all the way (which will lead to some of the threads showing), unscrew it just a tad, and screw it tight again: the motion of doing this actually screws in the adjustment pin with the battery cap still on, which saves a considerable amount of time.
    - The locking mechanism is a bit finicky: the threads are amazing (all the threads are buttery smooth), but they have a tendency to get stuck in the lock/unlock position, so be gentle with it.
    - Button is a bit crunchy when you first get it, but it becomes smoother with use. There is the occasional hot button, for which I haven't really found a fix yet.

    Finally, the aesthetics. To preface this, I have the black version. It looks fantastic. The middle section is tapered just like the original. I'm not sure if the patterns (logos and such) are engraved, printed, etc, but I'm thinking its printed: I don't know enough about this to comment. However, it does stand up to regular use: I haven't noticed a single part of it peeling off, which is good considering how often I use it. All of the holes and threads are very well engineered.

    Overall, this is a great mod. It definitely DEFINITELY is worth the money. I never got the original because I couldn't bring myself to pay upwards of $200 for a mod that I haven't even tried. This mod, on the other hand, for $50, is a steal.

  3. VALKУЯIE!!!

    Posted by rk on 28th Sep 2014

    This hybrid mod is a beast! I love it. It is the most compact mod I have seen. Very sleek, great lines, and excellent hand feel. I feel it works best with the red LG's. I've had no issues with this mod so far. The build deck is tiny, approx. dime size. The slider airflow vents are great. There are 3 vents, for dual coils, or single setups, and you can get any desired flow without any drilling.
    The downside to this review - I ordered the NO LOGO mod, as I was having it custom marked and etched. I received one with a LOGO. If I wanted the logo I would have got it in black.

  4. Nice mod, bad button.

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Sep 2014

    Besides the tiny deck, the mod hit as expected...for the first day or two that is. Button heats up very quickly when the button actually works. I now have to adjust pins in button on a daily basis for it to fire correctly. I'm not quite sure why there is so many adjustable parts in the button when this is a hybrid mod. It only takes one sized battery and of course atty is built in. So why so many parts in the switch? It's a pain in the ass to adjust. You either get the battery rattleing or it starts firing the as I'm screwing on the button. Unless adjusted just right, it won't fire properly if at all. Waste of money.

  5. great mod!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Aug 2014

    I've had the Valkyrie for about a week now and its wonderful. Its a very light mod, yet it hits hard. I wouldn't recommended getting one unless you are somewhat familiar with building coils and can have a good estimate of resistance

  6. Awesome clone, looks and feels great

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2014

    Awesome clone, looks and feels great. The only drawback is the top that's magnetic, feels like it could come off too easily with use. Otherwise it is perfect!

  7. cheap but good

    Posted by lsitlv on 7th Jul 2014

    AWESOME save yourself a lot of money and go with this clone .nothing is perfect but this one is as good as the original

  8. So beautiful, but downsides

    Posted by Alex on 7th Jul 2014

    Hot buttons quite often, tiny build area, and probably the smallest air holes. Wish you could at least line up the third hole for more air. Otherwise its gorgeous, fits perfect in my hand, and everyone loves it.

  9. Cheap 18650 hybrid dripper

    Posted by David on 4th Jul 2014

    It's a clone. A pretty decent clone too. Compared to the original they are almost identical... Until you take it apart to see inside. At first glance the deck looks the same as the original... But when you use the screws they are not the correct size for the posts and will tilt.. And with the screw heads being big they come close to touching causing arcing and shorts.... Had to replace them with correct size screws. The switch is finicky and will shock/heat up if not properly lined up... Which takes some getting used to... The biggest issue with that is that the negative post that contacts the battery is not that stable and wobbles quite a bit.

    Slotted and adjustable air flow allows for perfect air flow for big clouds. The small deck also increases flavor and vapor production, since the air has shorter distance to travel and will stay stream lined better. Voltage drop is minimal but internal resistance is just like every other SS mod... They need to make these out of copper! The finish is pretty good for a clone besides the small dot of accidental engraving on the top cap. It comes with extra o-rings for the air flow cap. It also comes with wire and wick... Though the wire is too thin to do anything decent. The button throw is amazingly short! I love it! I had to take it apart to fix the clicking spring but that only takes a few minutes.

    Overall, it's a fantastic mod for the money but is not recommended for new or novice users. Checking ohms on this device requires a DMM since the atty is built in, does not have a 510 connection, and cannot be removed.

  10. Love Black Mods

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jul 2014

    This mod was everything I thought it would be and more. Stunning in person.

  11. BlackValkyrie clone by EHPro update

    Posted by Rodney Ford on 22nd Jun 2014

    This is an update to my previous review. I took the button apart this morning and found out that the bottom pin was in fact dirty, tarnished. It appears to be made of copper. I took a bit of steel wool and cleaned the pin enough to make it shine. I also sanded the bottom spacer just a bit and when I put it all back together, all I can say is WOW! Now this thing hits like a beast. Still wish the air flow slots were a bit larger, but this Valkyrie clone is still pretty awsome!

  12. Great Mod

    Posted by Rodney Ford on 21st Jun 2014

    Got this from Honolulu to central Florida in three days! That's incredibly fast shipping! Works great, looks great too. Only four stars because I have an occasional hot button issue. Could be dirty inside. I haven't taken it apart yet. I would change to five stars if that is the only issue. Wish the air slots were a little larger, but not a deal breaker. Hits very hard and has great flavor. Very sexy looking mod.

  13. its a beaut!

    Posted by jason on 16th Jun 2014

    A little sanding of the very bottom plastic spacer in the button section to get the bottom connector to stop arcing & it's perfect. Otherwise it still has a hot button issue. I thought I was buying a v2 which is the already fixed hot button, but alas. The fix was simple & affective.

  14. FLAWLESS!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jun 2014

    I received my mod I ordered on A Monday night and had it on my door Saturday morning from Honolulu to Iowa!! Couldn't have asked for a smoother seller then eciggity! As far as the valkyrie mod...I'm more then impressed! Button had a real nice tight throw, all pieces fit together perfect, and all around looks amazing!!! By far my best mod yet and would 110% recommend it to others!

  15. Pretty Nice

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2014

    I liked the form of the Valkyrie but didn't want to pay $200.00 to try my first hybrid. I really like this thing and love that I can get the no logo option. Threads are really good and the button works well.

  16. Damn you switch

    Posted by Joshua on 30th Apr 2014

    This is my first Mech mod, so please expect a mild amount of biased out of this review. This thing is a beast, an elegant beast; when it works. The switch sucks, i wish i could be more eloquent when I say that, but it just down right sucks. You file it away to get a good connection, and then a few days later there is more buildup on the fin and you need to shave it down once more. This is a continual problem, until I got some electrical grease for it. Coat the pin in electrical grease and I haven't had a single issue yet. Except, when you short out the better with your pinky when you press the button and it shorts out and hurts your finger. This thing blows clouds though, hot vapor and great taste. I'm currently running two parallel nano dragon coils at .2 ohms on the 35A eFest batteries. The only other issue other than the pin and the electrocution is the small reservoir, after 3 hits im dripping this thing again. and it sure does get hot.

  17. Consistent issues ruin an otherwise beautiful Mod

    Posted by Marylyn on 28th Apr 2014

    When it works it's great. That's a common statement voiced regarding this mod. The pin is too short (why didn't Eciggity send out replacements to all their customers?) and often won't fire. Most of my batteries will not fit, or I have one heck of a time trying to get them out. Fortunately my Sony VTC4 fits fine. Lastly, the air control is great, but it gets gunked up inside and becomes extremely difficult to turn/move. I soak it in vodka, but have only had limited success. This beautiful mod hides a few ugly truths.

  18. When it works, it's great

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Apr 2014

    First, let me say that Eciggity is by far the most responsive online vendor I've worked with to date. I will absolutely do business with these guys in the future.

    I've been amazed by the flavor and vapor production of this mod when it works. Even after Eciggity sent me a replacement screw for the negative terminal, I'm having intermittent issues with getting the mod to fire. This is definitely a switch design issue. Using a mulitmeter to test connectivity, I found that when I accidentally short the battery to the body of the mod with the probe, my coil fires fast and hot. With the switch installed, the coil sometimes fires, sometimes flickers, and sometimes doesn't fire at all. I've run through all the suggested fixes I've found online and nothing seems to make a permanent improvement. I'll continue to mess with the switch and see if I can make it work because I love the style of the mod and the way it works when it works.

  19. Can't review a product I haven't received

    Posted by Anthony C. on 16th Apr 2014

    C'mon eciggity, why send review email before product arrives. I would love to be reviewing the item currently but it hasn't arrived yet. For this reason I give one star at the moment. I will review it after I receive it and hopefully have more than one star to give. Paid for this item twelve days ago and eleven days ago received a tracking number which up until yesterday showed pre shipment which usually means USPS didn't pick up the package. However, five days ago after contacting eciggity inquiring about the shipment, I received a response stating they did ship it eleven days ago and they were contacting USPS. That was the last I heard from eciggity until today when I received email asking to review the item. This was my first order from eciggity and might be my last although I have heard good things about them shipping out orders efficiently. Maybe it was an USPS error. Any which way please fix this automated email review system so people don't get asked to review items they haven't received yet. Oh and to add more icing to the cake, a couple days after I purchased the item's price was reduced ten dollars.

  20. awesome!

    Posted by Toan on 4th Apr 2014

    I've purchased the first batch eciggity received, and it didn't work.. But they were super quick and helpful to help me return it. 5 stars on customer service. When they received the 2nd batch with the flaws fixed ( longer contact pins) I ordered it and received it today. I am very satisfied with this device! I would recommend this to any of you guys thinking about it. So worth it! such a beautiful device!!!

  21. Bad Experience

    Posted by Rob on 31st Mar 2014

    I was so excited for this mod but pretty badly disappointed. Might just be my experience though as most everybody has great things to say about it. It worked great but the post screws were messed up or wrong. Looking at the pic, the tops of the screws on mine were HUGE and the threading was bad. The screws would arc and shock me through the switch when i pressed it. Eciggity was great with the return and store credit though. 2 stars for the product but 5 for Eciggity!

  22. top shelf

    Posted by m. on 24th Mar 2014

    This is a very well built device, delivering top quality for entry-level prices. Add in the fact that the hot button/misfire issues of the v1 Valkyrie have been eliminated, and the value raises even more. The airflow control is excellent, and just the build/feel/weight of the mod make it my go-to device. Haven't been able to set it down since I received. Super fast shipping from HI to MD. Do yourself a favor, and order one.

  23. Best Airholes, but Tight Body

    Posted by David Tran on 19th Mar 2014

    The air flow is the best I've vaped and there's a wide range to go through, but the body is so tightly put together that It's too hard to turn this and that. The airhole cap is the hardest thing to take off. I had to get electrical tape and pry it off. It's not a twist cap, it's a slide off type but it's hella hard. Already lost one screw. Wondering where I can find spares?

  24. Great design, BUT!!!

    Posted by Mister 21 on 19th Mar 2014

    I bought two, one for me and one as a gift. Initial impression of the build is WOW! this is beautiful and so compact, the threading is smooth and air holes are perfect, the deck is a bit small, but manageable, the chamber is really small, great for flavor, just mindful of where you put your coils so you won't short it out and blow it up, the battery vent hole is practically useless, must be drilled out for potential battery leakage . EVERYONE!, please keep in mind that the adjustable battery post is reverse thread and really short! Anyway, after two weeks of use I notice that the vapor is lacking and the flavor is muted. OK, time to chance out the coils/cotton, but when the new coils and cotton were in the vapor is lacking and the taste is dull, couldn't figure out why until I take a look at the spare one that I packaged up. The collar is a bit loose and wasn't sitting completely flush. I pushed it against a table and VOILA! vapor galore. I further found out that this mech is a press on fit and it will get looser and looser over time, eventually will become useless, unless you can just solder/epoxy (but that would ruin the continuity. If the deck would just screw on to the housing this would get a 4 star and if this have a longer negative contact or magnetic contact, this would be a perfect hybrid dripper. Now my Valkyrie is just collect dust and cool to look at from time to time.

  25. horrible switch

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Mar 2014

    Love the look and feel of this mod. All except the bottom button. What a pos. The press is way too firm, the battery adjustment is way too short and the button is crunchy. Not to mention it only fires right if you catch the switch perfectly. It's really a shame that the button alone makes this mod a fail.

  26. Awesome for the money!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2014

    Great clone! Hits hard, feels very well made, comfortable in the hand and super good looking. You do have to adjust the pin which is held in a Teflon piece. That Teflon must be screwed down all the way and the reverse threaded pin has to be screwed up to prevent battery rattle. Easy to do. With the air holes, make sure not to overpower them with wick. But I'm using twisted 28g and although a little picky to fit in the hole, it worked. And it's wonderful. The shipping was free, and it still got to the east coast from Hawaii in 3 days!

  27. All but one thing and its a big problem

    Posted by Tripp Novak on 11th Mar 2014

    The contacts in the Valkyrie have corroded due to the heat from contact from the battery. i encourage the use of this mod but at least make the battery vent hole bigger with a drill and probably drill a second hole.

  28. slick and hard hitting!

    Posted by nick on 11th Mar 2014

    Super slick design, almost like a space ship. Love it 5 stars for fatty clouds and great hits every time you hit the button. Awesome product!!

  29. contacts

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Mar 2014

    Just a heads up so you do have to try to figure it out after it arises. You're possibly going to wants to do a smidge of sanding to get MUCH better contact. Take your c clamp out to get the button out,file it a bit,same with the brass contact. Working like a champ.

  30. Flawless

    Posted by Philip Morgan on 9th Mar 2014

    Well im new to mech mods only have 4 but this is just too sick it is state oif the art like alot of people i cked the reviews and watched some vids i expected some problems but they did not occur i have nothing but good things to say and this mod was made for the nano coil no question the vape is massive and the area is best we found if used with a vertical micro coil build the air vents adjust fine and a pleasure to have i ordered 2 more!! the only thing that is with all quality items is when you go to charge and replace the battery if you like a micro gap no issues operfect everytime but if you want that flawless seemless line it takes a tiny amount of adjustment to make it snug and tight but i dont consider that a prob just a quality tight seem love it i rate it a true 5 star and so does my freind that built the colis for it he had to have one and said it blows away all his real high dollar mods thanks eciggity for handling the best long term repaet customer here Phil in Lasvegas

  31. Damn good...but

    Posted by Phil on 7th Mar 2014

    Okai I have had this thing for awhile now and have been beating the hell out of it. Took it on two driving trips plus everyday to work with me. Its pretty awesome. Does great with the Sony VTC4 and the new efest 35amp battery. Very little drop because the mod is made so well but also of course because of the type of batteries I am using with the mod. Very "Fat" Vapes coming from this thing too when built well.

    Here is the part I don't like about the mod. THE HEADS IN THE RDA part are WAY TO BIG for a small RDA! I have had them touch each other twice now. First time It just freaked me the hell out. Took my battery out very quickly and tossed it across the room while I searched out the RDA part of the mod to find out what the hell the issue was. I would really like to see these heads on the RDA made smaller. Please oh dear god EHPRO take care of this issue before this damn thing blows up in someones face. Other then that the mod has been pretty damn good.

    I would like to add I love Eciggity's Customer service they respond quickly and take care of their customers I will be a repeat customer of Eciggity.

  32. update

    Posted by devin on 6th Mar 2014

    So after it wouldn't work. I threw a brand new out of the box battery in,boom,fires like a champ. Really like the mod,sleek,ext,vaped really well. I've not had any hot button/hot battery problems. Battery does get stuck,kind of a pain to get out and it concerns me because I dont want to knock my coils loose taking out the battery. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of five. Well that and the brass contact issue that everyone knows about. Overall a nice mod once you fiddle with it. Would order again.

  33. Wanted to love it :(

    Posted by TD on 5th Mar 2014

    Love the looks of this mod. The button contact falls short. I was told to unscrew the brass contact. Upon doing so the button would not make constant contact. I noticed the brass contact really just slides and would adjust itself-which is why sometimes firing. I am using an AW IMR button top battery. I was informed there is a new button being made and I will receive one when they are ready. Hoping this is true.

  34. not sure yet

    Posted by devin on 4th Mar 2014

    (let me start by saying the 2 star rating is ONLY my opinion on the faulty model I received.)So I get it in and I the first thing I do(since I've heard it so frequently) is extend the brass contact in the bottom to it's full extent. Doesn't reach my battery still. I am using efest 18650 2000mah batteries so I know that's not the problem. And the batteries also stick in the housing pretty bad. I've emailed eciggity and they respond(very very slowly) but they're not really giving me any help. Anyone else have this problem? I'm not going to give it a bad rating yet and I'm going to do a seperate review when I get a functioning model so this is by no means a bad review,simply curious to some insight. -ps. I flipped the brass contact upside down to give it some extra length JUST to see if it would fire and it does so it's no problem with my battery or anything and the atomizer is fine. Just not able to get contact with my battery.

  35. Worthless to me.

    Posted by Cody Askins on 2nd Mar 2014

    Had this for 2 days now and it stopped working... Button gets extremely hot and zero vapor production.
    Not sure what caused it, but nothing I try fixes it.

    Another thing I really dislike about this mod are the batterys you can use...
    A flat top will work, but the advjustment screw is almost falling off because of how little thread is left to fit a flat top. Should be fixed and made larger... who uses button tops? -.-

    Other than all of that mess this mod is sleek. It fits like a glove in your hand and has the potential to be a very top end clone, but I know I will not get another piece from EHPro

  36. Beautiful

    Posted by the4thpower3 on 27th Feb 2014

    I love this EHPro Valkyrie Clone! No crappy logos, just good clean machined finish. This is not a "brushed" finish - just very good fine machining. The threading is excellent. The lock ring is large, reverse threaded and short (approx 3 quick twists). The atty cap/airflow adjusts smoothly. The post holes in the atty are nicely sized for 26awg dual coils. The "fixed" button is excellent. No hot button issues with this one. Just make sure to screw the delrin piece all the way in before doing anything - mine was loose.
    The Circ clip can be taken on and off pretty easily - which is good because I noticed the super short throw was a tiny bit crunchy. I polished the inner walls and shaft of the button, then added a drop of lubricant - now it's perfect.

  37. Learned to love it!

    Posted by brian brenner on 26th Feb 2014

    So... I was head over heals in anticipation for this clone.. for good reason... I want the real thing, right?
    Yes... at first, then i got it out of the box. This thing is wonkey for sure! Buuuuut and this is a big but.. You will neeeever put this thing down once get it working right. (results may vary) 1. nipple/button top batteries, 30+amp (due to the press fitted top stem, batteries with large stickers on them will will lodge in the press seam thus no connection. 2. stock contacts are junk as is.. But some 2000 grit sand paper did wonders. Polished the steel Button pin connect, the inner brass plate, then the adjustable to batt pin to a good shine and now It fires better than a spark plug! this thing is all about contact maintenance. If you like fiddling around for the perfect vape, this piece is for you.. As sexy as this is its defiantly not a beginners mod.. Vets will love it! Noobs will learn!

  38. Good buy i think?!?

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Feb 2014

    Beware, the brass pin that the firing mechanism contacts has to be unscrewed so the device will function... Took me forever to unscrew the damn thing cuz it's made in China.... The battery will rattle unless you do so... Good luck!

  39. It's pretty awesome.

    Posted by Tommy on 23rd Feb 2014

    The top cap is reduced a lot more than most rda's but still spacious enough to fit a clapton coil. The bottom contact took a little time to get used to but it's honestly an extremely solid performer. The build qulity is awesome. The micro-grooves keep it from finger printing. The switch throw is a little hard but I prefer it that way becuse it wont fire standing without the lock. Air slots don't whistle like similar devices. The post screws are nice and beefy. I haven't put a multimeter to it yet but my suspision is that the voltage drop is more than most hybrids. Oh, and also I recieved it in 3 days with the free shipping and I live in Tampa, Florida. It instantly became my daily driver and I work at a vape shop so that says a lot.

  40. great mod but not properly vented

    Posted by Nicholas Winko on 23rd Feb 2014

    I love this mod but one of the only issues I have is the size of the build chamber. It is really small and seems illogical to build a dual coil in it and, the issue of proper battery ventilation. I did end up drilling a bigger hole for battery ventilation and I am still completely happy with this purchase regardless because it has almost no voltage drop and it chucks the vapor no matter the build.

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